Golfwriter Makassar


High-quality Golfwriter: a multifunctional writing instrument in noble maple design with high-gloss finish and an exclusive ballpoint pen.

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On request it is possible to send the Golfwriter with a personal engraving. Please send us your desired text template (max. 60 characters). Link to picture


You can also order a pedestal for your Golfwriter. It is painted gold, on four non-slip rubber feet. Link to picture

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Golfwriter – Makassar ebony

The high-quality Golfwriter is a noble pen holder (ballpoint pen holder) and an eye-catcher for your desk. The decorative dark brown to black heartwood can be marbled and is conspicuously striped with clear differences between the various species (about 120 species are known). It is very hard and heavy, and is one of the most valuable wood species worldwide. The much lighter sapwood surrounding the heartwood can make up to 70 percent of the trunk and is considered worthless and not usable.

The pen holder is suitable for pens up to a diameter of 11 mm. Special requests for larger pens are possible after consultation.